In 1994, Dr. Charles N. Bernstein established the Centre, which is focused on research into Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The centre, which has received international attention and recognition for its research, has established the largest IBD database in North America.

Charles N. Bernstein, MD, FRCPC
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Laura Targownik, M.D.,MHS, F R C P C
Michael Cantor, M.D., F R C P C
Harminder Singh, M.D., MPH, F R C PC
Alexandra Ilnyckyj, M.D., F R C P C
Dana Moffatt, M.D., F R C P C
Wael El-Matary, M.D
Jennifer Griffin, M.D

Manitoba Nutrition Program
Donald Duerksen, M.D., F R C P C

Research Scientists:
Lisa Lix, PhD
William Leslie, MD
Ian Clara, PhD
Jean-Eric Ghia, PhD
Geoffrey Nguyen, MD, PhD
Zoann Nugent, Ph D
Gayle Restall, PhD

Research Clinical Psychologists:
John Walker, PhD.
Lesley Graff, PhD.
Jason Ediger, PhD

Epidemiology & Outcomes:
James F. Blanchard M.D., PhD.
Nancy Yu, PhD.

Research Trainees:
Justin Cloutier, MD
Sanchit Bhasin, MD
Kathryn Sexton PhD
Souradet Shaw, MPH, Doctoral student
Clove Haviva, MA, Doctoral Student
Dessalegn Yizengaw, MSc Doctoral student
Jessica Forbes, BSc, Doctoral student
Alexandria Simms, BA, Masters student

Research Coordinators:
Jo-Ann Chapman, RN
Kelcie Witges
Norine Miller, RN

Clinic Nurses:
Cindy Dudar, RN
Rochelle Castillo, RN

Clinical Research Dietitian:
Kathy Vagianos, RD, MSc

Laboratory Coordinator:
Michael Sargent

Research Assistants:
Matthew Bernstein

Administrative Assistants:
Dorothy Miller
Melony Ivekovic
Suzanne Doyle
Jenny Dolor
Meridel Smith

MS 779-820 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3A 1R9
(204) 787-4741 phone (Norine Miller)
(204) 787-1843 fax
Email address:

In memorium: Denis Krause, PhD. Denis joined our group in 2003, having taken a position as Associate Professor of Agriculture in the Department of Animal Sciences at University of Manitoba. He had left a position in Queensland Australia and moved his young family to Winnipeg. He was an expert veterinary microbiologist with a special interest in IBD. Over a short 8 year span Denis became a world renown microbiologist at the cutting edge of finding bugs that may cause IBD. He was awarded with millions of dollars in research grants and was regarded as one of the young stars of the University of Manitoba. He was a very important friend and collaborator of our IBD team. His untimely death at age 46 from cancer leaves behind rich memories and his loving family of wife Alice and sons David, Jonathon and Josh. For those interested donations may be made to the Krause Family Education Fund at the Steinbach Credit Union, Winnipeg, Manitoba.